MI/KL is a industrial design company. We develop products drawn from the needs of the user and fulfill the wishes of our clients. We work closely together with the clients to make new products and brands happen or refreshen the existing product giving it a new quality. Every client is a big value for us and our work is always done with the most amount of dedication and thoroughness.

MI/KL industrial design studio is run by two Mihkel´s. That is also were the name comes from- MI for Mihkel and KL for Mikk and Mäll combined. Our background is industrial design and we both have our specialities. Mihkel Mäll is our form guy with great sense of proportions and sketching skills to match. Mihkel-Emil Mikk is more on the technical side to see how to construct things and make cool sketches happen. Both of us like to base their work on actual user needs and result of every product should be functional. We also collabarate with other professionals from other fields of work as it is needed for a specific project.